Growella @ CodeMash

If you’re one of the thousands of developers attending CodeMash this week at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, OH, be sure to find our Director of Technology, Steve Grunwell (that’s me!), and say hello!

Friday morning, I’ll be giving a talk entitled Building for the PHP Command Line Interface at 9:45am in the Guava/Tamirand room(s). I’ve given this talk a few times before, most recently for Nomad PHP’s EU Chapter in December.

Executing PHP from the command line enables us to interact with our applications in new and interesting ways: from performing site maintenance to scaffolding new projects, CLI tools like WP-CLI, Artisan, and Drush make it easy to interface with our code without ever opening a browser. Attendees will be introduced to popular PHP CLI tools and their default capabilities. We’ll discuss characteristics of good CLI scripts, strong use-cases for writing custom commands, then write several CLI programs across different platforms.

If you’re at CodeMash, please come say hello!

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