Using Jetpack Popular Posts in WP_Query

Jetpack, Automattic's fremium, all-in-one utility belt for self-hosted WordPress sites, has a number of extremely useful tools for sites of all sizes. Whether you're using Protect (formerly BruteProtect) to limit malicious login attempts, Akismet to block spam, or Related Posts to cross-link content, Jetpack has at least one or two modules for pretty much anyone.

Of course, Jetpack is meant to be a “one size fits all” approach to WordPress; its engineers have designed Jetpack to be as simple as possible for people to start using, but often professional sites need professionally-customized features. Fortunately, Jetpack's source is pretty-well documented, and we're able to build on top of existing functionality.

Today, we're going to use Jetpack's stats_get_csv() function — normally used to populate the “Top Posts” widget — to create a WP_Query object that we can use like we would any other.