Tracking server-side HTTP Redirects with Google Analytics

When you need to be able to create HTTP redirects within WordPress, it’s hard to beat the Taylor Lovett’s Safe Redirect Manager.

Safe Redirect Manager creates a WordPress interface for managing HTTP redirects. Did you accidentally share the wrong URL with your customers? Fix the link, then simply create a redirect to ensure the user reaches their destination.

Here at Growella, we’re using Safe Redirect Manager for branded affiliate links; instead of sending users to <some-partner-url>/<some-long-affiliate-string>, we’re able to create URLs like<partner-name>. Should the partner URL ever change, we’ll be able to update the target in a single place: within Safe Redirect Manager.

Being the bunch of data nerds that we are, we wanted to make sure we’re able to keep track of how often people are using our redirect links (a feature Safe Redirect Manager doesn’t offer out of the box). The HTTP redirects should show up in our Nginx logs, but we wanted something more readable: namely, Google Analytics.